Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Birthday Girl!

It is Cinco de Mayo and my dear cousin Paula's birthday. In honour of both we had Mexican food for dinner tonight. Well, as Mexican as you can get over here in Scotland. (I do my best)

Paula is one fantastic gal!! I have always been in awe of her. She is gorgeous, smart, a great sense of humor and has a wonderful family. I think her wedding was the first that I was ever allowed to attend. I was gobsmacked by the sight of her on her wedding day. I still remember her crimped hair (by Horst of Minneapolis) and the carrot wedding cake. :-)

Happy Birthday darling!


Shammickite said...

mmmmm... Mexican food, I love it! I want to go and get some right now. Happy Birthday to Paula. I wonder if she's enjoying a birthday enchilada for dinner tonight.

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Paula! Yes, first wedding ever. I even remember what I wore and that I got to polka! In honor of cinco de Mayo we had Greek (!).


Anonymous said...

ha ha! Hey, Peggy! Now the entire WORLD will see the double chin I've been trying to hide!
Thank you for the wonderful entry! Very fun to see how I have influenced your life and didn't realize.
I DIDN'T have Mexican,that night, but chose a new restaurant in this area, called "Osaka," for my birthday outing with 2 church friends. It was SO FUN! American-Japanese food was served hibachi-style and our server was a magician with his utensils and the saki squirter. ha! My favorite part was when he lit the saki on the grill right in front of us and OH! what a FLAME! Huge fireball which cast quite the heat on our faces, as well. yikes!
Thanks again for the shout out across the land, sea and volanic ash! God bless all! love, your Cousin, Paula -- age 57!!! PTL!

Anonymous said...

Peggy, this was great to see Paula's picture here! Did you know that May 5 is a triple-header for birthdays in this branch of the family? There's Paula, and also our nephews, Paul II (22) and Gianni (29).
--Cousin Susan

Anonymous said...

Oops, I mean Paul II is 23.

Peggy said...

I knew about Paul II and Gianni but I don't have fabulous recent photos of them and I wanted to focus on Susan.