Monday, April 05, 2010


The only way to loose weight is to burn off more calories than one consumes. I know that. For years I have been monitoring what I eat, counting calories and counting Weight Watcher points (another form of calorie counting). I've been doing okay. I lost some weight last year and until recently when I lost my job, I've kept it off.

The weight is creeping back on. We don't have a lot of junk food in the house - in fact, very little junk food in the house. I just have unfettered access to my oven and a LOT of time on my hands. I've been doing a lot of sitting in front of the computer with the job hunt. So, yesterday I started running.

I don't know if the few hundred meters I ran yesterday and today would really count as a proper run, but I was out of breath and my heart rate was increased. It's a start.

I could do with some improved lung function, improved resting heart rate, and weight loss so I am going to try to get out and run every day. I'm starting with short distances. When I can manage these short distances without gasping for air, I'll lengthen the distance.

Polly loves the faster paced dog walk. She thinks the improved speed is fantastic.

I have stepped on the scales and dragged out the measuring tape. I'm not going to tell you what I weigh or how big around the various measurements are . . . .that info is for my eyes only. I will however let you know if these measurements change.

My first goal is to get to my neighbour's place and back. Baby steps people baby steps!


Gordon said...

Well done. Take it easy to begin with (the jogScotland program is dead easy to follow btw), but starting is half the battle!

dogbait said...

Good on you. It gets easier and the runs gradually get longer so stick with it. I started running to lose weight in 1983 and I'm still at it! Lost 10 kilo in a few months and have kept it off.

Anonymous said...

I know you can do it, Peggy.
I'll hide my biscuit jar for you!

Muppet's Mum said...

Go Peggy! As DB said, it does get easier and just gradually increase the distance. Even do a run-walk and eventually run the whole way is another option.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about baby steps when you start an exercise regime. I started walking 2 miles twice a week, but it was hard to make it a habit. I pushed myself to do it very regularly until maybe 6 months into the program when it really did become a habit that I didn't have to think about too much. That worked for me!
Cousin Susan