Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Being a Housewife

It's actually not a bad gig. I enjoy keeping the house clean. I like that The Man of the Place has a nice healthy lunch packed and ready for him. He and George don't have to rush around in the morning, I'm there to help. I make coffee and toast bagels while they're getting ready to start their day.During the day, I am planning and starting to prepare the evening meal. I started today's dinner last night. We're having a bean curry and it always tastes better the day after it has been cooked. I'll start the dough for the naan bread at about lunch time. It is cheaper to buy the ingredients and cook something rather than thaw something frozen from the supermarket or re-heat the convenience foods on offer.

I don't think I'd enjoy it quite so much if my work here at the house wasn't appreciated. We had become accustomed to a house where both adults work outside the home. We developed coping mechanisms and hired help from time to time. The place wasn't always very clean but it couldn't be helped.

I find I am taking pride in the fact that the place is very clean and tidy and the laundry is done properly. When George went to jujitsu, I had a small thrill when I noticed that his gi (the white kit that they wear) was the whitest in the room.I am still looking for work, but I am not at home sucking lemons about the whole situation. I'm really into being here. The dog is fitter as she gets better walks, the windows sparkle . . . . you get the idea.


Shammickite said...

Staying at home and being a "housewife" is a different life, isn't it? I really enjoy it, but that's cos I don't have to work, having taken retirement. I might feel differently if I was waiting for the phone to ring with news of an anticipated job offer. I'm glad TMOTP and George appreciate you, it makes such a difference!

J-Funk said...

YOU are doing a good job of being productive while you wait. Not me!! I'm jealous that you can do that.

When my Studly Hubby is out of work (which happens every once in a while in his profession), he can also deal pretty well - he likes to cook and take care of things around the house so fills up his time nicely. Again, not me! But I sure enjoy it when he is home.

Dogbait said...

I bet the guys are enjoying it. Hope you're not this pedantic.

Anonymous said...

Where ever did you find that picture of me making toast??


Peggy said...

Shammickite - I like this but I need to be earning. It's a shame I can't get paid for doing all of these things at home. :-)

J-Funk - You're growing a baby! There is nothing more productive than THAT! :-)

Dogbait - That article was a corker! :-)

Sally - I looked for a photo of Donna Reed and there you were! :-)

Chris said...

When I first moved to the UK and was waiting for my new employer to process my paperwork (took 2 months) I offered myself as chef to friends I was staying with. I was loving the temporary new carreer and my friends were trying to figure out a way to afford to keep me :)

Xtreme English said...

the problem with jobs outside the home is that you get used to all the "extra" money, and then you're hooked. It's hard to give up such a huge chunk of income. they laid of 40 workers at Gallaudet yesterday--and it was the people who did the work that got laid off, not the administrators with bloated salaries (who picked the ones to lay off). if those who are grossly overpaid would take a serious pay cut (and some of them are making TWICE the going rate for their positions), they could keep the other workers on and nobody would have to suffer.

that said, the best job i ever had was housewife.

Anonymous said...

The grass was always greener on the other side of the fence for me. When I was at home with 3 little girls, I couldn't wait for them to all be in school, so I could have an adult "career." Years later, after I began "working," I wished I had relished the time I had at home with them, and that I could get up without an alarm clock and not be so tired all the time with a schedule that just won't quit. --Cousin Susan