Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Cold Problems

I don't want to always be moaning about the weather. I don't mind snow and I can deal with much colder temperatures than we have at the moment. As I have mentioned before, any condition that freezes the mud is fine by me. However, not everything around here is as hardy as this northern gal.Our drains have frozen. I'm pleased it isn't water pipes that have frozen, but I fear those could be next if we're not careful.

I went into the bathroom just before dinner and noticed that the bathtub had a bit of standing water in it from a drippy tap (faucet) and the bath plug was not in. That is not good. I hoped for a hairball or some other non-frozen clog problem but I feared the worst. I ran some hot water into the tub and got the plunger out. Plunge plunge plunge plunge plunge plunge plunge plunge plunge plunge and . . . . nothing. Just lots of grit coming up - eventually a leaf came up as well. I had plunged as far as I could plunge. As illustrated above, the drains to this bathroom are external - and there is a big old freeze in them somewhere.
This is the tub full of warm, dirty water after the failed effort to plunge the clog away. I have put a call in to the plumber, but I suspect his time is at a premium with burst pipes and frozen drains.

Meanwhile, George and I saw an actual snowplow come by the house! Twice!!! Sadly the plow's blades were set too high and it looks as though nothing was actually plowed up and there was no grit or sand sprinkled on our little lane. *sigh* Why is nobody prepared for this weather? Is it such a big surprise that we've got snow in the winter? Sheesh! We haven't even had a full foot of snow!

Polly and I continue to enjoy the weather. Polly should have sound effects when going for a walk in the snow. The sound effect would be a *boing boing boing* sort of sound. I cheer up just watching her.

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