Monday, November 09, 2009

Double Yolker!!

The girls have been in high production lately. We can't move for eggs!
I sell the surplus. In addition to selling the odd dozen, I give eggs to neighbours and friends. Fresh eggs always grease the skids. Our neighbours have been very good to us in the past. It is always nice to be able to return the favour.

The chicken run has turned into a quagmire lately. On the weekends when we are around to keep foxes away, I will let them out. The garden is resting and there isn't anything they can destroy this time of year.
Sometimes these chickens will jump up onto the window ledges. I love this picture. It looks as though the hens are saying, "Look they've got popcorn"!
One of the eggs I collected this week was considerably larger than the others. I knew that cracking this puppy open would reveal the elusive double yolker.
Yup a double yolker. It was a weird one though. The yolks were conjoined!

Saturday, November 07, 2009

The Man of the Place's Moment of Stardom

I thought I'd do this whilst he is away for the weekend at a banjo playing course. . ..

Here is footage of my dear husband singing A Boy Named Sue during the karaoke night at the Marina Lodge, Marsa Alam. Thankfully footage of me singing Like a Virgin and Waterloo and a group effort of Blame it on the Boogie were not filmed. We (and "we" means me) were lamentable.

Watching the footage makes me laugh all over again. I will state that I am not laughing AT The Man of the Place, I am laughing because we had so much FUN on that holiday.
It is the mark of a good vacation when you smile and laugh as one goes through the pictures, wishing yourself back again.Me and The Man of the Place - both wearing great hats!

Looking through a window in the office, all I can see is dark. I know that on the other side of the glass it is raining and about 4 degrees. I can remember what the sun and heat of Egypt felt like and I miss it