Sunday, June 21, 2009

What about the garden?

I have been working on the vegetable garden this year. It seems to be going pretty well with only a few exceptions!The peas came up only very sporadically. I resowed more peas in the big gaps. Yesterday when I went to put some garden canes back in their place, I noticed that there were neat little holes in the soil where I had put the peas. Mice. Well, that's it. I am not sowing the peas a third time. Twice is enough.

The greenhouse is doing well. I have two tomato plants and although the plants themselves don't look as hardy as I would like, there seem to be enough tomatoes on the vines to justify the effort.
The cucumber plants are a lot more vigorous than the ones I planted last year! I've even had this warped little cucumber already! Here is the thing about growing cucumbers. There are two sorts of flowers on a cucumber plant, male and female flowers. Female flowers have little cucumbers behind them. Male flowers have nothing behind them. You must remove any and all male flowers that show up. If they are allowed to stay, the cucumbers will get pollinated and the fruits will be bitter.

Basil is doing well. I opened up the top of two grow-bags and sowed basil seed. It was a particularly warm Friday evening when I sowed the basil. The entire weekend was really hot and I kept the door to the little greenhouse closed to keep pets out. On Monday morning, the seed had already germinated and I could see tiny bits of green.
Here is the basil two weeks on from that.Here are the potatoes. Only half of the potatoes came up. I could have put some early potatoes in the gaps, but I won't. In one of the big gaps in the rows, I have put a pumpkin plant. Pumpkins need loads of room and that will fill the space. In the spaces between the cabbages, I planted lettuces. By the time the cabbage needs the extra space, the lettuce will have been harvested. I love the red and bright green of the two different varieties. The above photographs were taken last week.

What a difference a week makes in the garden!

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