Saturday, April 11, 2009

I'm Still Here

It has been a number of weeks since my last post. Sorry about that. My story is that I was sucked into the work vortex and I'm sticking to that story. With the economy in turmoil, I thought it was best to get my head down and make some money and keep the guys at head office happy.
You didn't miss much anyway. The weather has been typical Scottish weather for spring (lots of rain). I did manage to tidy up the greenhouses and organize to have the garden dug over (see above). If you look carefully, you can see the rhubarb at the end of the vegetable patch, throwing out its first hopeful leaves. Rhubarb crumble later? I think so.
I have two tomato plants stuck into their grow bags in the smaller greenhouse. I am planting Scottish variety Ailsa Craig this year. Let's see if it copes with cold and low light levels. I have to replace some MORE glass in this greenhouse. The door blew off last week. I'll get it done after I finish writing this. You know how much I love re-glazing bits of the greenhouse!
We don't have to worry about low light levels TODAY. Today is gorgeous! See how dazzlingly white my towels are? Those are the ones you sent Mom. Thanks! Today there are only the fluffiest of small clouds in the sky that cause no dark spots to the day and more importantly, hold no rain! I got all the laundry out on the line and had some time in the greenhouse.In these pots and trays I've got some courgette (zucchini) pumpkin, cucumber, climbing beans, broccoli and two varieties of lettuce started. I found some old corn seed so I thought I'd see if it germinates. If it does, then I may have enough for a couple of small rows. I've also got the ever present sweet peas started as well. I soaked the seed for two days before sowing in the greenhouse to aid germination. There were some old marigold seeds lurking. I sowed those too. They deserve a chance in this year's growing season.

No sign of mice in the greenhouse YET. I have been quite good about mouse prevention in the past year. Any seed or bird food has been kept in mouse proof containers. If there is no food mice are less likely to hang out in there.

If we have a second day of nice weather, I may plant peas (they're very frost hardy) and get some potatoes in the ground. Heck, I may even mow the grass.

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