Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

At the bird feeder this weekend we had a beautiful pair of goldfinches and a lovely siskin. I'd not seen a siskin before. Beautiful birds - naturally they flew away before I could get a photo of them.
I had a good look at the new hen house that was delivered by tractor by the neighbours on Saturday. I swept it out and inspected what needs to be done first. (photo taken before grass was mowed)
There is more rot than I thought. I never had a good look at the nest boxes as they were wedged against the barn when I first viewed it. The floor didn't have a big hole in it either, so that will have to be replaced. You can see the sunlight streaming in through the cracks there. I'll tack lathe between each board before I paint to make it more weather tight.

Chris (the neighbour with the tractor) accidentally put a hole in the side when lifting the hen house with the tractor. Oops - another patch needed there!

I will have a bit of job here - but if I can get the work done properly, I'll have a nice hen house on my hands that will be easier to clean out than the one that I have at the moment.

We had a glorious Easter weekend. It was all blue skies and sunshine the entire time. Henry and I got loads done around the house. Some parts of our house that get neglected (dusting baseboards (skirting boards) were given attention. We also went about finding all those hidden dust bunnies. You could call it a good spring clean. It was so nice to have doors and windows open again. All the laundry was washed, dried on the line and put away. Don't you think line dried sheets smell great? They are sunshine for the nose!

I mowed the lawn, planted two rows of potatoes, trimmed the box hedges (smells of cat pee) and cleared one of our drains.
The drain below the kitchen was clogged and the water from the dishwasher was spilling out over the back paved area. I hate going to unclog that drain because, frankly it is a smelly, nasty job. I stuck my arm down the drain and found the problem immediately. A portion of the PVC pipe came off and was wedged in the larger drain pipe. Normally this doesn't cause a complete block but when it is then FILLED WITH FROG SPAWN we have a problem.
It was the most disgusting thing to feel. Eww!

I threw the frogspawn into the pond. If the eggs are still viable, they will survive much better in that environment.

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