Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Winter Wonderland

In this part of the world, snow doesn't usually show up until the closing credits of winter. We didn't get any snow last year.
Most of the winter is cold, but snow free. If we get any snow at all, it will be in February and March.First we had frost. Then we had a freezing fog that decorated everything with fine ice crystals. This was followed by snow. We are to get more snow tonight.It is nice that the snow is hear, but I fear that it won't stay for Christmas. This time next week it will all be gone.The chicken's water container had frozen to the the ground and I had to go into the tool shed, find the crowbar and prise the water container from the solid ground with that. (Picture me doing this in my pajamas, dressing gown, boots and gloves) I will bring the container in tonight and keep it behind the kitchen door. We also have to be extra vigilant about collecting eggs. They become worthless if they freeze solid. The shells crack and as the eggs thaw, all the insides run out. You just have to throw them away.

The nice part about this sort of weather is that it makes a fire in the fireplace all the nicer.

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