Saturday, December 13, 2008

Rock On!

If you were to say that my youngest boy, George likes to play the guitar. It would be like saying that the desert is a little on the dry side or the sea is a little salty.

He is actually very good. In fact, he rocks!

The day that we took cousins to the airport we were going to go straight on to the Edinburgh Zoo as it was a rare, free admission day. Sadly the traffic was horrid and we couldn't even get close to the zoo. As we headed back out of the city, we passed a guitar shop. It was open! I didn't have anywhere else we needed to be as the zoo was no longer an option so I parked up and we went in.

George had one of those Wayne's World moments

but for George is is not a 64 Classic White Stratocaster. For my boy it is the Gibson ES-335. The really sweet sales guy in the shop actually got it off the wall for him. After checking that he had no big belt buckles or zips that would harm the finish on this fine instrument, he let him play it! He had to phone is his dad and tell him. "Dad! You will never guess what I am doing right now . . ."Then they let him go into the soundproof room and plug the thing in - WITH EFFECTS PEDALS! He had a wonderful time! Please note the Gibson Les Paul (1952) gold top behind George in the last photo. It costs thousands and thousands. (£11,K) We didn't even dare to touch it!

The only thing that would have made him happier would have been for me to say that we could put it on the credit card. That isn't going to happen, but I was happy to stand there and let him admire the fine sound and craftsmanship.

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