Sunday, December 07, 2008

Oops! Watch That Step!

When the older boys were still at home life was a little crowded in our bungalow. We let the older boys have the entire loft or attic as their bedroom. There was plenty of room up there for the two of them. Though it was a bit rustic, it had a floor, some painted plasterboard as walls, a couple of electric storage heaters and velux windows. The access to this room was via the ladder in the back sitting room.
Boys used to have to walk around carefully up there because we could hear every footstep when we were downstairs. They quickly learned that thumping around brought a visit from a grumpy parent and were very good about not making too much noise. We thought about putting some insulation in the floor up there but feared that insulating the floor would prevent what little heat we had from going up there. Though the room was serviceable enough, it was freezing cold in the winter.Now that the attic is no longer a haven for teenagers and with the rising cost of heating fuel, The Man of the Place declared that it was time to insulate the attic a bit better. It involves moving the growing mounds of stuff that is up there, lifting the floor boards, laying the insulation and putting the floor boards back again.

It was going just fine until this afternoon when there was a noise . . . . The Man of the Place stumbled and put his foot down in a place where there was no floor board. His foot went down into the room that is now our guest bedroom and library.I'm just glad he wasn't hurt. The floor can be cleaned up and the ceiling can be patched but my hard working husband is not replaceable!

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