Thursday, December 04, 2008

More of the Same!

The schools are open but the exams that are due to be taken today have been put back one day. Some of the students who live in the hills (George included) are having difficulty getting in.
The roads in and out of our village are very slippery. As we do not live in a populated area, our roads are way down on the snowplow pecking order. The roads are passable but hazardous. I'll give it a go later on this morning. I can drive on snow and ice. I first got behind the wheel of a car on a frozen lake in Wisconsin. My dad took me out onto a frozen lake and then let me get behind the wheel. It was a great place to learn as there was nothing to hit! Once I figured out the mechanics of it all and had a little bit of confidence, I graduated to empty logging roads. Again, there was nothing to hit as long as I stayed on the road. His advice still is to go and practice your skills in an empty car park (parking lot) after the first snow of the year. Practice skidding and correcting skids so that you're better equipped if you find yourself sliding where you don't want to be sliding.

Polly likes a good romp in the snow, but only for short periods of time. She would much rather stay by the fire and be warm. Sensible dog!
This is the window by the computer. I watch pheasants walk by this window all the time. Just now there are no pheasants but the snow is just as pretty to look at.

Ok - that's enough. This amount of snow isn't a patch on the snows of my youth. We can still get in and out of the kitchen door with no difficulty at all. I'm off to try to get some work done.

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