Thursday, October 16, 2008

Walking the Dog

I took an an idea from a comment in the last blog entry for today's post. I may have come across as a little bluer than I actually feel in the last entry. I am okay really. Its just that I am bone weary of rain. In my battle to stave of the winter blues, I have started to attend a dive club in Dumfries that meets on a Wednesday night. This will help enormously. In this blog, I have gone back to basics and taken the camera with me when I walked the dog.
It didn't rain today and it was really quite glorious. Polly, my faithful hound and I went up to a favourite spot late in the day after I returned from work. She was so happy to be going on a walk. She just loves her chance to romp. I think I was looking forward to this walk as much as she was.

As it is autumn and we live in a particularly forested portion of the country there are loads of mushrooms at this time of year. A great number of these mushrooms have been broken, gone black and mushy or had been nibbled/licked by the forest creatures. Despite this there were a couple of specimens that were available for the attentions of me and my camera. Russula spec. Was found under a beech tree with another species growing underneath. Russula pseudointegra OR Russula emetica -The Sickener! This mushroom was found under a beech tree on clay soil. This chap and his mates were growing in a bunch of old wood chippings under a hawthorn hedge. Yet another species growing on some old beech chippings. The grey/black mushroom that is small and very low growing. Again found under a beech tree.I have done my best to identify the mushrooms but I have probably made mistakes. Any accurate information is gratefully received.
The autumn light in this part of Scotland has a certain quality to it, almost liquid. It makes the colours rich. The orange in the first mushroom and the reds in this shrub stood out so vividly against the browning grass and the dark pines behind it.

Polly didn't care, she was too busy running around, sniffing things and being happy.

As she romped and I tried to identify who has been to visit by the footprints in the mud (pheasant, the dog, deer - male and female, fox and us) as the turbines rotated in the distance.

Note to turbine haters: I like these turbines! They are very close to my house and don't make noise! In addition, I think they're beautiful and not a blot on the landscape at all.

Now the sun is gone, dinner is over and I'm writing this most recent blog entry. To assist me, the dog is by my feet under the desk farting away.

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