Sunday, September 07, 2008

The Sum Total

This is the apple crop for this year.
The apples are from one of the two apple trees here on the place. The tree that managed to bear fruit was Discovery. The Johnagold gave us nothing despite early signs that we'd have a few on that tree.

There was an obvious problem with either pollination or bad weather conditions when the trees were in bloom. Was there a frost that went unnoticed? I am wondering what I should do with these three specimens.

I'd like everybody here at the house to enjoy them. We could each eat one apple but that's a bit uneventful. Then I thought I could make a small apple crumble. I think I'll do that. Small apple crumble it is. We'll have it for desert tonight with dinner.

Our trees have only been here a few short years and I feel that they have yet to hit their stride. The scab that was on the Discovery tree last year is still there but only a very mild case of it. Now that I have "harvested" the crop (with one hand) I will be spraying the fruit trees with more bordeaux mixture and see if I can get rid of the apple scab completely.

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