Saturday, September 06, 2008

September Storm

The storm woke me at about 4.30 this morning. There is a lot of wind. I thought for sure that the electricty was going to go but it never did. By noon it calmed down a bit. I haven't braved the elements to go collect the Saturday paper. I may just leave it.As the day has progressed, The Man of the Place and I discovered there has been a casualty in the garden. The ancient buddleia has been uprooted. It was a pretty white one. The above photo was taken from the window in our back sitting room. I had cut a large portion of the crown of this buddleia out in February as I wanted it to be a bit lower to the ground. It is a shrub rather than a tree but you would have never known that by looking at the overgrown specimen on the east side of our house. I was afraid to cut it back too hard as I didn't want to kill it. I killed an old buddleia doing that shortly after we moved here. Sadly, because of my timidity I didn't prune enough and now it's gone.

Butterflies just love this shrub. In the late summer it is a favourite passtime to go out with a mug of tea and watch the butterflies go nuts on the blossoms of the Buddleia.

On the up side, I have a new one to go in its place. I bought a deep purple variety in August. This one was for sale one of the tables at a local village cream tea. Naturally it hasn't stopped raining enough for me to find a place to pop it into the ground. Now I've got the perfect site . . .

There is still a lot of wind but the rain has mercifully stopped for the moment. The house has become so damp that we had to turn on the central heating and light the two open fires. Keeping the damp at bay is a lifelong battle.

If anybody is coming out to visit us this afternoon, can you stop by the shop and get our paper from Jimmy on your way? We can then read it from the comfort of our sofas in front of the fire and listen to the wind whistle through what is left of the trees.

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