Saturday, July 19, 2008

The First Morning

I am an early riser. Even if I've been up really late or had an entire day of sharing the driving on a mad road trip, I will still be up at my normal early time. It was no different on that first morning there.

I woke up with the sun just starting to come up. It was warm! I could see out a window from my spot on the bed and there were no clouds! This is the best bit. I got out of bed and made my way to the door of the caravan and opened. I looked to my left and saw a boat going by not too far away! We were about 150 yards from the edge of the sea! It was about 200 Peggy sized steps from water's edge to the door of the caravan.Rock on!

I got dressed quietly, grabbed the camera and made my way throught the gate surrounding the campground and onto the dunes. Here are the dunes complete with picturesque fence. There were lots of little grasshoppers in this sparse growth.

(You can see the Pyrenees in the distance)

It turns out that this particular bit of beach gets combed by a small tractor every morning to keep the bulk of the litter and flotsam of the sea off the golden sand. So the first set of human foot prints were mine. Well, mine and some gulls.

Sometimes sunrises are much prettier than sun sets. It is just that fewer people see them.

I was lucky this first morning. There was no wind and the Mediterranean was like a mirror. It wasn't always this calm. This part of France has a lot of wind and most days it was quite breezy. The nice thing about the wind was that it never felt too hot and we could listen to the waves as we sat in our little campsite and sipped wine.

After taking the first photos of the day, I went back to our caravan to see about some coffee.

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