Thursday, July 17, 2008

The First Day of Our Holiday

It was 30 C degrees when we left on Tuesday. It was 22 C in and around the M25 (London ring road) yesterday and a whopping 15 C today here in rainy Dumfries & Galloway. *sigh*

I have rapidly fading freckles under my fleece and jeans. We had a spectacular holiday in France.
Now it's back to laundry, mowing the lawn and getting back to normal non-holiday life.

While the washing machine is running, I'm going to go into memory mode . . .
We left Whitelees early in the morning. George and Gordon slept a lot on the way down. Being a passenger is tiring! The boys had a small cooler between them. It made a good neutral zone at some points in the journey.
The Port of Dover - The docks used for the ferries are HUGE! It isn't easy to get the scale of this place, but it does make one feel small.Now the ferry has arrived and we're getting ready to drive onto our ferry. The route that I had printed off was helpful in telling us that as we cross the Channel, we leave Great Britain and enter France.

I took a photo of the boys as we leave our shores.Farewell!

We spend the first night of our holiday in a nice little hotel in Calais.We got on the road again early again. Although the boys could have happily stayed in their beds for hours, they were really good about getting up, showered, dressed and in the car. They did it very quietly too.
We had breakfast on the autoroute between Calais and Paris.

After we had negotiated our way around the Paris ring road, I really enjoyed the drive south.
The magical thing about this drive is that the further south one drives, the warmer the weather becomes.It started to get a bit too warm for Gordon. George didn't like the heat either. Grumpiness started to sneak in.Ice cream always helps!See? Spirits have lifted!

Toward the end of our journey south - we crossed this magnificent bridge! It is the Milau Viaduct. It was so spectacular that we pulled off and viewed the bridge from a popular rest area/viewing point to get some good photos of it.

I've seen this bridge on tv once or twice. I remember being struck by its beauty then.

"Henry, the next time we go on holiday in France, we should go across that bridge!"!

"Do you realize how far south it is? It would take us two days of solid driving!"

Mr. That-Bridge-is-too-far-south-for-the-likes-of-us didn't realize that we were going to go over this very bridge until we were almost there. As he is a big fan of spectacular works of engineering it was his idea to stop to have a good look at it. I have just discovered that it is the highest road bridge in the world. Cool

It wasn't so cool for Gordon. He doesn't like going over bridges in cars. He hid his head until we were across.

It wasn't long after crossing that bridge that we had reached our destination, Torreilles Plage. It is a small place that is mostly made up of camp sites and supporting shops. We were tired. We unloaded the car, made up the beds and got into them

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