Monday, April 21, 2008

The Simple Solution

You can't see it, but there is smoke coming from the nest-free chimney.

I didn't even think it could be done! I thought that the jackdaw nest would have blocked the chimney completely. It turns out that it is only older more established nest that clog chimneys and not the nests that are just starting out. On Sunday, The Man of the Place lit a slow fire in the stove that he made steadily hotter and the jackdaw nest was burnt out of the chimney. There was none of this having to get up on the roof on a windy day to haul it all out of there.

Be assured that the jackdaws were not harmed. I saw them just an hour ago near the top of the chimney with bits of wool in their beaks, looking for the nest that is no longer there. We've kept the fire going in the stove to prevent the nest builders from coming in and starting all over. They can just go somewhere else.

I am at home today when I should be up in Edinburgh at a regional meeting. Sadly, George is down with a gastric bug that is making its rounds. He's awfully pale and didn't kept much down over the weekend. I'm here to keep him supplied with flat 7up and soda crackers which he is keeping down, until he feels he can upgrade to other foods.

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