Friday, April 11, 2008

Mike the Gamekeeper

Today this man came into our garden and set some mole traps. I took photos through the window so as not to disturb him at his work. He initially said that we probably only had one mole but I noticed that he set about four traps. It turns out that moles do not like other moles unless it is mating season but we might have two young moles sharing the garden. You learn something new every day. I know it is mean to kill the moles that have only come into the garden to eat our worms, but they're making a mess and I don't want mess. I also think it is cruel to use poisons. In addition, how can gamekeepers earn a living if they don't have customers?

Wednesday this week I was up in Largs. As young George was still enjoying his spring break, he was able to come with me. After I had completed my sales calls for the day, we went for a bite to eat while watching the ferry go to and from Cumbrae for a bit and then walked over to the arcades for some serious time spent at the penny fall! We broke into our piggy banks before we left and removed all the .02 pence pieces. With the almost £10 worth of two pence pieces in a plastic container we were set!

I won most of the prizes this time around.
There is this little plastic football player. He doesn't look demented at all! He was a keyring, but somebody snapped the chain off.
Then there were two dolphin key rings. Dig the googly stick on eyes!
I think they would make very nice dolphin earrings, don't you?
The top prize of the day was this wonderful monkey watch! You want one, don't you?
The digital watch pops up when you press the little red button. It is my favourite thing of all time!

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