Sunday, March 30, 2008

Time in the Greenhouse

We've had some sunshine and showers again today. Some of the showers have been wintery (with hail). Naturally, this means that I still can't get out and start turning over the herbaceous borders or vegetable beds.

Because I wanted to get something done this weekend, I went out to the greenhouse to do some little things. I sowed a tray of nasturtiums and a tray of mimulus. I'll put the nasturtiums in the flower beds that aren't disturbed too often. If I'm lucky, they'll self set and I'll have lots of nasturtiums from now on. I sowed a dwarf variety of mimulus that is beautiful in hanging baskets. The seed is very fine so I mixed the seed with a bit of fine sand and sprinkled it all evenly over the top of a tray of all purpose compost.
I also "pricked out" some poppy seedlings. I separated about 30 of the strongest plants out into individual cells and the remaining seedlings, I'll keep in the little pot they were sown in. They can fend for themselves for a while. It may be that a few of the newly transferred seedling won't survive. I can then replace them with what ever might be surviving in the little pot where the seed was first sown. I also pricked out some Busy Lizzie seedlings. The mimulus seed and Busy Lizzie seedlings were brought back into the house where it stays nice and warm. I'm afraid that my unheated greenhouse is still too cool at night for these items.


I just went to go take some photos of what I did today to illustrate this blog entry and discovered THIS! The pesky cat did it! The tray of carefully sown mimulus seed on the floor of the guest bedroom . . . I could cry!

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