Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Good Day to be Out

I woke this morning to discover a lovely day was dawning.

I would LOVE to stay home today and get the borders prepared for the bounty they are going to be receiving. Sadly, I have a full diary and appointments in Kilmarnock. It takes about two hours to get to that part of my territory, so it will be late when I get home today. The day will have all but finished by then.

I went out to the greenhouse in my robe and slippers to check on things. Julio, the great hunter came along to "help out".Here are a couple of photos of the top of the staging. These orange pots contain among other things: Heliopsis, Lily of the Valley, Gypsophila, Geranium (the perennial variety), Eryngium, Oriental Poppy, Echinacea and a couple of other things that I have forgotten. I was going to make a list of these things, but I don't have any note paper out in the greenhouse.
You can see the sun hitting the willow trellis that hasn't been installed outside just yet. What does Julio the cat have?

It was only when I turned to go back into the house I could see rain clouds were coming in from the west. *sigh* It wasn't going to be the day I hoping for. He got a mouse! Clever puss!

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