Saturday, February 23, 2008

What a Blip Looks Like

Look at that spike in the graph will ya! In the normal day to day running of this blog, the average number of daily hits seems to stick at around 60. Sometimes more hits, up to 80 and sometimes as few as 40. They're small numbers and I won't set the world alight with my little blog.

Imagine my surprise on Wednesday when I got home from work to discover that the "hit count" was already at 94. Who were all these people visiting my blog? Did I say something controversial? Post a nudie picture? Did somebody put a link to me somewhere? It turns out that all these extra people were coming to me via a Google search on photos of a lunar eclipse.

We had a beautiful cloud free lunar eclipse last year. My own photos of the event were a bit pathetic so I used the pictures taken by Dean of Mostlymacro. He has a site filled with his own beautiful photos of wildlife. In the end the hit count for that day was 144, my biggest day ever. It shot way past the morning in May when the cooling towers at the local nuclear power station came down. The count on that day was a tantalizing 98, so close to three figures!

So it seems that news drives hits. News and possibly pornography, but you're not going to get too much of either of those here.

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