Monday, February 18, 2008

No Rain!

You know that it rains a lot here in SW Scotland. I mean it rains all the time, especially in the non- summer seasons.

Last weekend I was so joyful about a Saturday AND Sunday without rain. It was the mild, non-rainy weekend I can remember in a long time.

Now it is over a week later, 9 days to be exact and it still hasn't rained!

It is a lovely place to live, but the constant rain really gets me down sometimes. I am very glad to be having this nice long break from the rain.

Think about where you live. Imagine that the weather was so wet that 9 days of no rain is worthy of putting out on a blog.

It would be so wonderful if we had another 9 days of no rain, but I don't think I'm that lucky.

Over the weekend I sprayed the fruit trees with Bordeaux mixture to get rid of the apple scab and other assorted infections that occurred last year.

I also got everything together to re-glaze the small greenhouse again, glass, clips and cleaning supplies. I've also decided which pair of gloves I'll wear so that I don't slice my fingers to ribbons. I don't know what it about the little greenhouse, but I've had a hard time keeping glass intact with this one.

I'll take lots of pictures when I go to fix the greenhouse.

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