Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Journey Continues

A friend of mine and her charming husband have purchased a new house. In the spring they are going to be hosting a nice big house warming party and have invited me! So, at the end of April, I am going to Budapest, Hungary for four days! Woo hoo! I can't wait to see my friend and I am very excited about going to Hungary for the first time.Castle Buda, overlooking the Danube.

When looking into flights to Budapest, I was delighted to discover that Ryanair have a flight from Prestwick (near Glasgow) straight into Budapest airport! Lucky me! Ryanair is a budget airline out of Ireland and have settled into small used airports near big European cities and offering very low prices. To keep the prices low in the face of all the costs of fuel going way up, they've started charging £18 per piece of luggage. I seriously considered going carry on only for this trip, but then thought that four days was "luggage worthy". As I am taking a small case, I'll be able to bring my trusty binoculars in the hope of spotting some birds I don't normally see.
I hope that we'll be able to do a bit of sight seeing while I'm there. I'd love to visit a spa in Budapest. Budapest is famous for its Turkish styled spas. I can think of no nicer way to get rid of a hangover than to float around in warm eggy smelling water with my friends.

Sadly The Man of the Place will not be joining me. He has some other functions later on in the year and wants to save his travel time for those. I am comforted by the fact that I won't be traveling all by myself. Friend and fellow blogger Gordon and his lovely wife Louise have been invited and they're going as well! We have made plans to check in at the same time so that we have seats together.

I am not familiar with the wines of Hungary. Looking on line, I have discovered that there are no less than 17 different wine regions in Hungary! I'm hoping to become better acquainted with the local produce. In fact, other than the spas, wine and some vague notions of goulash, I don't know much about this country.

I'm not going until the end of April, so I have time to learn how to say yes, no and count to ten in Hungarian.

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