Saturday, January 05, 2008

Make New Friends

It's not every day that I make a posting about a new visitor, but this one is really special. This blog had a visit from a woman that we met on our holiday. Her name is Nam and she lives in Thailand. She and her good friend Sayuri were on the boat with us on the 22nd of December when we went to dive at the Strait of Tiran. The above photo is of Sayuri on the left and Nam on the right. They were so fun to talk to and were enthusiastic about everything! It makes a holiday all the more special when you meet wonderful people like these two women. Here is (in order) Nam, The Man of the Place, George and Sayuri. In the back of them is the ship wreck on Gordon Reef in the Strait of Tiran. This picture was taken while I was diving. Henry and George skipped the third dive that day and spent the time talking to these fellow passengers. I am SO pleased that I had changed memory cards in my camera before going out to dive the next day. If I hadn't done that, these photos would be lost forever.

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