Friday, January 11, 2008

Ailsa Craig

I was in another seaside town yesterday, Girvan. Sadly it was lots of wind and rain so I didn't get out to enjoy the beach with Polly. Despite the poor weather yesterday, the Ayrshire coast is still beautiful.It is a small town and one of the biggest claims the town has is it's spectacular view of Ailsa Craig for which my little camera does not do it justice. This big chunk of green granite sticking out of the Irish Sea is the plug to an ancient and very dead volcano. The fine grain of the granite on Ailsa Craig makes it the source for the world's finest curling stones. I'll write about curling in a separate post some other time.
On the way to and from Girvan, I went along the beautiful A714. Using this road cuts a lot of time off my journey but it does take me through the woods. Some of the trees on this road have been here for a very long time. There were loads of old and stunted pines near the road. The trees were covered in lichen. They were decorated so beautifully, that I had to stop in the middle of the road (thankfully it's a quite road) and get a photo of one of the trees.Note that in the tree photo you can see quite plainly the blurred spot from the scratch on the camera lens. :-(

Today just as I was pulling out of the drive, another chunk of the wind turbines was coming past. I swear they time it exactly so that I have to wait. Thankfully I am a very patient person and wasn't in a big hurry. The pieces are just so big that they not only take up all the road, but when they go past, they take up ones entire field of vision!!

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