Saturday, December 08, 2007

Oh The Weather Outside is Frightful

I was at my work Christmas party yesterday. It was held at the Dalmahoy Hotel and Country Club. The food was nice and the drinks were free. I finally got to wear my red dress that I bought in March and we all had a great time.

It is STILL raining. We had a bit of reprieve yesterday because it only rained half the day, but it hasn't let up today. The chicken run looks like The Somme. I feel terrible when the chickens have to live in such muddy conditions. The only other choice is to let them out but then they'd be at the mercy of the fox. Safe and muddy, that's the choice I've made for them.

It started snowing this afternoon but the snow isn't sticking. It is still far to warm for the white stuff to stay. We don't usually have snow accumulation until well after Christmas. We usually get our big snows in about February. Valentine's Day is often very snowy.

The Man of the Place has built a fire in the fireplace and the front room is the warmest, coziest place to be today. Just the right spot to fall asleep with a good book.

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