Thursday, November 22, 2007

Reasons to be Thankful

I've been away from America for a while now. When I first moved away, I held fast to the Thanksgiving celebrations not only for myself but my two young American born sons who might have been a little homesick for the old country.

The two older boys have grown up. They're aged 24 and 23 (they both have birthdays next month) and have lives of their own. Ian, my eldest has repatriated himself and lives in Chicago with his new wife. They will be celebrating Thanksgiving in Chicago with my mom who is flying in this morning to be with them. Middle son Sean is still here in Scotland, living in Peebles with his girlfriend Laura. I don't think that Thanksgiving is on his radar anymore.

My sister Sally and her family always take themselves to North Carolina's Outer banks with friends at Thanksgiving. My other sister Katie is in Michigan with her husband Al and dear little Claire. My brother Tom will be in Mt Vernon, celebrating with his pals and my dad is with his pal Lee and Lee's wife Pat in Colorado.

I can't remember the last time we were all together. I think it was Katie's wedding. It would be so nice to have everybody around the same table today but we're scattered to the winds and me scattered the furthest. It's not a holiday here in the UK. I worked today, so there is precious little chance that I'll find myself anywhere near a big turkey dinner. Some years, I will plan a Thanksgiving dinner for the following Saturday or Sunday but not this year.

In lieu of thawing and cooking a big turkey with all traditional dishes that go along with that and dealing with a carcass that won't fit in the fridge after the dinner is over I am going to make a list of some the things for which I am thankful:

All my immediate family members are alive and healthy and I can phone them anytime I want
I've got a husband that I love and who loves me
None of the above mentioned is homeless
None of the above mentioned are cold or hungry
We have some wonderful friends
I live in a beautiful country
I live in my dream house
I have a really great dog
Our cat has a great personality
Both Henry and I are employed
We are able to pursue our hobbies (diving. birdwatching, music)
We get to travel quite a bit
The fox didn't get my chickens
The hens are laying well at the moment
My immediate life is not affected by war or famine
We haven't suffered any natural disasters
I get to cook for people that appreciate my cooking
I have time to do things like read a book, watch birds, potter in the garden or write in this blog
I've "met" some very interesting people through this blog
Some of those bloggers I've actually met in person
I've still got all my own teeth
In about ten minutes I'm going to have a nice glass of wine
We have great neighbours

I'm sure there are a few more to list if I sit and think for a few more minutes, but it almost time for George's piano lesson and I've got to make sure the dog won't jump up on the piano teacher.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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