Friday, November 23, 2007

Fresh Camera

We have had our Olympus C-750 digital camera for four years. Once I got used to it, it worked pretty well for me. The Man of the Place used to be a photography student years ago at Birmingham Polytechnic (Now Birmingham City University) and he is the photography expert in the house. Sadly when he goes on about white balance, f-stops and depth of field I tend to blank out a bit. The information would be good to know, but it just won't stick in my head. I just want the pictures to be in focus and be pleasant to look at in years to come.

One of the things that did stick was the importance of keeping the lens cap on the camera when not in use.

Sadly while we were on holiday this summer, the lens cap came off the camera while it was in a backpack. We had been at the beach and there was sand in the backpack. Do you know where this is going? The lens of our camera got scratched. The camera wasn't exactly ruined, but you might have noticed that every photograph we've taken since the summer has a little blurred spot in the centre of each picture. I'm not the best photographer around, in fact I'm not even the best photographer in the house but since July my efforts have looked more out of focus than normal.See the scratches?

We thought about getting a less obsolete camera but then there is the matter of diving. We have the purpose made underwater casing for this particular camera. If we got different model, we'd have to get another underwater casing for it and they are often much more expensive than the camera itself.

Our answer was to get the exact same model again on eBay. A second hand camera that works and doesn't have scratches on the lens will do just fine. The replacement camera was won in an auction this week and it arrived yesterday. We're going to be much more careful about not only keeping the lens cap on but keeping the camera in the case when we're not using it.


I bet you guys scroll down and have a second look at the photos on this blog.

"There IS a blurry spot in all the photos! She's right!"

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