Friday, November 02, 2007

Crime Scene and New Shoes

I've come home from work to get my end-of-week computer work done only to discover that there has been a murder in the house.
Our cat Julio dragged a blackbird through the cat flap and then proceeded to kill it all over the house. The bulk of the feathers seem to be in the blue bathroom and the hallway in the extension. European Blackbirds are in the thrush family (same as a US robin) and have a surprisingly large number of feathers.

Julio left the half plucked bird under the desk here in the office as a gift to me. I can do without that sort of TGIF present.

I've just finished vacuuming up the feathers and tossed the body of the poor unfortunate blackbird in the bin.

Despite the carnage that I faced coming home, it isn't the focus of this particular entry. I'd like to tell you that I have fallen in love, in love with some new shoes! I haven't been so gaga over a pair of shoes like this in a long time. Shoes that I like are rarely on sale. When they are on sale, they never have my size. I've got a big foot. (US 10, UK 8 or European 42) I wasn't really looking for new shoes but I always have a trawl through a sale rack. Who doesn't? I liked the style, the sale had just started and they had my size! I took the alignment of these three requirements as a sign from God and purchased the shoes. I haven't taken them off since.
Ok, I was exaggerating for comic effect. I took them off to have a bath and go to bed.
I have about four or five pairs of black court shoes in various heel heights and states of wear. I favour the style illustrated above with a medium heel and rounded toe. The rounded toe makes my large foot appear smaller (or at least I think it makes my foot look smaller). I wear them almost exclusively to work and they get worn until they are worn out. Even though I polish my shoes regularly to keep them nice, I think I wear out two pairs a year. Black court shoes go with just about everything but I do get a bit bored with them from time to time. That is why I was so open to temptation when the new shoes caught my eye. I think they will go well with denim jeans, so I may wear them all weekend.

Me + my new shoes = true love

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