Saturday, October 20, 2007

You Missed a Bit!

Now that the bookcases are out of the hallway, we've got LOADS more space to walk. The bookcases also hid the fact that the hallway was in desperate need of a new coat of paint. Until yesterday, the hall had been a lovely dark red. Now it is becoming a light yellow. Naturally this will take two or more coats to cover the old dark colour.

After filling all the nail holes, going around everything with masking tape and covering the floor, I started painting. The stereo is too far away for anybody painting in the hallway to get any benefit from it. The radio was in use in another part of the house, so I thought I'd turn on the tv to a music station and listen to that while I painted. The channel I ended up turning to was of all things the Kerrang channel. It was excellent! Who knew I hadn't outgrown my affinity for a bit of metal. Rock!

Later on that evening, I discovered my husband playing Prince's Purple Rain album. Funky!

There is nothing like a bit of good music to help slap the paint up on the walls. I've put in a Nickleback video instead of a Prince video. Prince won't allow any of his stuff on YouTube.

It also helps if you've got a quality control cat.

(Spot the old colour in the lower left hand corner of the top picture.)

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