Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

The first year we were here, I prepared for Halloween as if we still lived in town. I made a huge (8 foot) spiderweb near the door with yarn and put a big construction paper spider in it. All the boys were at home and they each had a pumpkin that they had carved. Those were lit and set on the back step. I had purchased loads of candy to hand out too and then waited for the kids to show up. None did. Our place is about half a mile outside the village. With nothing but fields between us and the village and no street lights it just isn't worth any little ghosts coming out here on the trick or treat rounds.

Our village always hosts a very nice Halloween party every year. Each child in the village is invited and they all attend, from pre-school toddlers to kids who hope that nobody asks them if they're not just a bit too old for this. They have party games, costume judging and carved pumpkin (and turnip) judging. We won the carved pumpkin contest one year with this effort. After the party, the littlest ones go home and the rest go on the trick or treat rounds.

Parents take it in turn to go with the children and see that they are safe and don't get up to mischief. In past few years I've taken George and Gordon down to the village with the candy I purchased for the house and handed it out in the village hall.

On Sunday when I was in town, I phoned the house and asked George if he wanted me to pick up a big pumpkin for him to carve. He said that he couldn't be bothered about pumpkins anymore. At 14 he is probably too old to go out trick or treating with the rest of the children so that is that.

I'll still have candy on hand to give out on the off chance that we get a stray visitor. I'll keep all the outside lights on so the place looks welcoming but that's as far as I'll go now.

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