Monday, October 01, 2007

Damn it!

One of our lovely cats, Jack has died this morning. He was hit by one of those horrible trucks that lumbers past our place WAY TOO FAST. I didn't even know that something had gone wrong until I went into the bedroom to change for work to discover my bed was covered in blood. Jack had jumped up there to find a comfortable spot and bled everywhere.

In stead of getting work clothes on, I flung on any old clothes (there was going to be more blood) and got the cat carrier. After placing the very blood soaked cat into the carrier, off we went to the vet, phoning the vet and husband en-route.

When I got to the veterinarian's surgery, it was evident that Jack would not survive these horrific injuries. Both his front legs had been crushed beyond use. How he managed to get on our bed, I'll never know.

Jack was put down immediately. I didn't want our lovely cat suffering a minute more than he had to.

We used to call him Gravy Nose from time to time. He was terrible at keeping his nose free of gravy.
Later on today he'll be buried in the special spot underneath the cedar tree in the front garden.

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