Sunday, October 28, 2007

Blog Light

I've been thinking about what I put on this blog. I may have mentioned once before that in real life, I am much um . . . earthier in my language. I don't put swear words into my blog because I don't want to offend my primary audience and that is my family. Now, most of my family know that I can swear like a sailor but for some reason, I never swear in front of small children, aunts and uncles or my dad. My dad doesn't have a computer so every so often, I print out each recent blog entry, bundle them up into a nice thick envelope and post them off to him. He reads the pages with his old pal Lee over coffee and pie in some nice coffee shop. I'd hate to think that what he was reading shocked him so much that his coffee goes up his nose or choked on a bite of cinnamon roll. I know that my dad knows how to swear, but he has never used bad language in front of me.

I keep away from sticky topics like religion and politics. I go to Mass most Sundays but I do not go as regularly as some. I have very left wing views on politics to the point of almost being socialist. As I know that not everybody shares these views or beliefs, I keep them to myself unless asked.

I also steer way clear of writing about relationships. Thankfully most relationships in my life are pretty smooth. For those relationships that are less than smooth, it wouldn't be fair to air their unreasonable behaviour ;-) in public if they don't have a way to respond. I don't write about my husband or my children unless they have given their specific permission. All of my boys are great guys but as most kids go, sometimes you just want to throttle them. Writing about family squabbles may prolong the squabble and more importantly, record the upset for all time. As you all know, the faster you forget that sort of stuff, the better. It is in these instances that a good memory is unforgivable.

I won't get on a soap box and talk about the loss of civil liberties, stupid politicians and overpriced health care. There are plenty of other blogs that expound on those topics. I'm just going to blog light. It is probably going to bland me out a bit but I'm okay with that.

I'll write about the positive things in my life, the things that make me smile. I will make typical middle aged posts about the loss of my youth and the dreams that passed me by. For instance, I will not now ever be in a rock band or get a PhD in marine biology. I've made an uneasy peace with those bits of wishful thinking. I will write about my garden and the wildlife in it, taking very good care not to photograph the areas where the weeds have taken over. I will document bits of family history and the rise and fall of my chickens' egg production (another egg today by the way) and baking stuff.

You guys KNOW that I'm really not bland in real life, right?

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