Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Autumn Days

I drove out to Lanark today in the Clyde valley. It was a glorious sunny autumn day. On one of the far hills, somebody was burning off some old thick heather. The smoke rose straight skyward on this windless day. It gave a lovely smokey smell to the afternoon.
(The above photo of the red deer stag is not my photograph.)

One of the places I drive past are some holiday cottages and visitor centre for Clan Carmichael. They keep red deer in huge pens next to the road. This time of year the bucks are in their glory. Big antlers and thickened necks these boys are making lots of noise because they're in the mood for love. One big lad was right next to the road. I slowed down to admire him better. What a beauty!

Sometimes the beauty of this place is astounding! I try not to take it for granted, but when one is late for an appointment or thinking about stupid things like sales targets it can all go by unappreciated. It is days like today when I can be stopped short by the sight of a magnificent animal in his prime as he suns himself in the low October sun and be thankful that I was here to see it.

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