Monday, September 17, 2007

Temporary Repair

The road repair dudes have just left, leaving behind the new road repair.

I knew they were going to be fixing things today as they showed up just as I was pulling out of the drive. As I left I said that they were welcome to use the drive if they needed to and were more than welcome to use our area just off the road.

When I got home today, they were waiting for more asphalt to be delivered as they had used up all the stuff they had brought with them. (I guess it was a bigger job than they had anticipated.)

They had to move a huge digger out of our drive so that I could pull in. Julio was out on the road, inspecting the new asphalt. One of the workmen scooped him up and placed him on the stone wall next to the drive, stroking his fur as he did so. I wish that I had the camera for that lovely scene. Apparently Julio found his way into the workmen's truck. I bet he smelled tuna.
I came out, camera in hand to document the new tarmac. One of the guys was clowning for the camera. He did a little dance with his rake.
Because Julio couldn't really help with the pot hole repair, he has decided to be blog quality control. Frankly, he doesn't look impressed with my efforts so far. BeforeAfter.
The digger as seen from our back drive. Remember the tree that had the bees?

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