Saturday, September 29, 2007

Still Stuff Going On

My Saturday didn't end with my earlier blog entry. I have collected my new hens and installed them here at Whitelees.
I also drove over to my friend Margaret's house. She and I picked the apples that were left on her tree and I took them home. I'll be making apple butter with them in the next couple of days.
Then I mowed the lawn in the back before it got too dark. If it's dry tomorrow, I'll give the front lawn its final cut of the year.
Here are my six new pullets. You can tell they are not "in lay" just yet by looking at their combs. The combs are still pale and shriveled looking. When the hens start to lay, the combs will plump up and get nice and red.
The boys are just returning home from the fitba. Score: Sunderland 1 - Blackburn Rovers 2. *sigh*

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