Monday, September 03, 2007

Forgot the Camera

The Man of the Place, George and I went to Eyemouth yesterday. TMotP had a couple of dives with his dive club. George and I came across as diving support.

I put the camera in the car because I knew that there would be lots of beautiful things to photograph once we got to the east coast of Scotland. I wasn't wrong. It was beautiful. The coast there is rocky and full of waterfowl. There were some shore birds out on some rocks that I couldn't i.d. straight away. I found me cursing myself for not bringing the binoculars. I went to go get the camera out of the car, only to discover that I couldn't find it. I could have sworn I put the camera in the car before we left. BUMMER! No binoculars and no camera. I was just going to have to enjoy the day without the benefit of looking through some sort of lens.
Eyemouth Harbor is home to one of the few remaining inland fishing fleets so the harbor is a working harbor. There are stacks of fish boxes, piles of lobstser pots and loads of gulls. There is the sound of bells on the ships, ringing as the surf rocks the boats gently from side to side. There is the sound of boats as the motor in and out of the harbor and the slap of ropes and chains as they hit against the masts of the few sail boats that make it into this working man's arena.

Some day when one or all of us are planning a dive in Eyemouth, we'll rent a caravan the night before so we can get down to the Eyemouth fish market to see what goes on. By the time we got there at 10 am, everybody who works at the fish market had gone and the fish sold were on their way to the rest of the UK and indeed Europe. The only evidence that the market had been open that day, were the freshly rinsed fish boxes, still dripping in mountainous stacks and the occasional broken bit of crab claw on the ground.

There is a small group of grey seals that live in Eyemouth Harbor. A local vendor has taken advantage of the seal's regularity and has opened a stall selling fresh mackrel for visitors to throw to the seals down in the water. The seals are a good size having had the benefit of regular meals for some time. One of the seals is particularly huge.As for the diving, it was reported to be very good. The water temperature was about 13 C and the visibility was good at 12 meters. The returning divers reported and showed me pictures of loads of squat lobsters, shrimp and crabs. There was a report of minke whales being seen by other divers on the day, but not by anybody in our group.

While TMotP was in the water, George and I went across to a fish and chip shop that is directly across the road from the Fish Market. I defy anybody to get fresher fish from a fish shop than that! I could just imagine that the fish had been flopping on the deck of a boat earlier in the day. I knew I wasn't going to be able to finish a whole plate of fish and chips so I ordered a child's portion. Even then I couldn't finish that. I saved the left overs for the gulls.

The eggs just before they hatched.

Back at the house, the latest batch of fish eggs hatched. I'm sorry that I can't get a photo of the newly hatched fry. They remind me of paramecium. They wiggle so fast and they are so small. They are about the size of this exclamation point when they hatch > ! <

A mushroom has appeared at the base of my bonsai. The bonsai is another rescue and I'm trying to see if I can do anything with it. The bonsai tree has been living outside and has only recently been brought in. This little mushroom appeared. It was a very small mushroom so as to not upset the scale of the whole bonsai effect.

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