Saturday, September 29, 2007

Busy Saturday Morning

The hedges were cut this morning. I love it when this time of year rolls around. We get all our hedges cut in a very short space of time (less than an hour). It's just a big rougher on the hedge than the slower manicure we can give them. The time and labour saved is so great however that we go for the tractor driven hedge cutter every time.

Hedge cutting in action
Hedge cutting dude posing for photo

The spare television that was in George's room and was upgraded to family TV after the one in the front room died is no longer working. We are a 21st century home with NO TELLY for a while. One of the things that young George did this morning was to crack open one of the books he received for his birthday. From where I stand, this is a great incentive to NOT get a replacement TV.

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