Monday, July 09, 2007

Holiday on the Island of Skiathos Part 1

Here is a photo of nudibranch eggs. I took this today during our second dive. I also saw a beautiful purple nudibranch but couldn't get a good in focus shot of it.We're having a fantastic and relaxing holiday. I'm sitting in a cybercafe covered in a thin layer of salt and my ears are gurgling from all the sea water in them. I told Theo that it is just that I love the sea so much, I always want to keep a bit of it with me.

Blogger and I aren't having a very good time at the moment. I have only been able to up load that one photo. I'm glad that the one photo is one that I find very interesting. I hope that photo doesn't disappoint you guys.

We've been trying to be careful about sun, but the three of us "caught it" in a few places where we missed with the sunscreen.

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