Wednesday, July 25, 2007


One of the things I love about visiting the Greek islands is the sea. The sea could be my favourite thing of all. Swimming in the cobalt blue, gin clear water is effortless and so relaxing. I really could spend the rest of my life swimming in the Aegean.

One day when we were on Skiathos, we had a lazy beach day on this beach.
We spent time napping under these homemade umbrellas or cooling off in the sea.Mr Plank helped us to dig a hole in which to bury a mouthy child.If you fall asleep, you run the risk of somebody drawing on your head!
Here is the child we had to stick into the sand. (note that somebody has drawn a beard and moustache on the child when he couldn't do anything about it)

Here are a few views of the beach and little taverna from the hills above.

Holiday Hint: If you are sitting on the end of your sun lounger and the person who is sitting at the other end gets up, the sun lounger may tilt. To prevent humiliation, you can try pretending that you don't care.

Aaah! Pure comfort!

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