Monday, July 23, 2007

Did I see you on the back of a motorcycle with some Greek guy?

When we are at home, Henry and I both drive muted blue cars. I wear suits to work that are brown or beige, black or sometimes a muted green. So it is always a delight to pull my holiday clothes from bottom dresser drawers. Oranges and pinks, reds and yellows! Because I don't get to wear my summer clothes very often, they don't get a lot of wear.

When we hire a car on our holiday, the more colours, the better we feel. We have rented this particular jeep in the past. Its a shame it's such a wreck now because the colours are wonderful.

Here is the same jeep in 2004:
Here is the photo of the dune buggy that G and H got. I wouldn't get in the thing.
The day that Henry and George went off on the dune buggy, I went diving with Nick. Nick is the owner, along with his wife Julie of Nick's Cafe on Papadiamantis Street, the main tourist street on the island. We had a great time on our early morning dive. After the dive, I got a ride back into town on the back of Nick's motorcycle. THAT was fun! Naturally there were no helmets worn and no bike leathers or gloves. If we had taken a tumble, that would have been it for me. I was in shorts and a swimming suit, sandals and a t-shirt. Nick nipped through the narrow cobbled streets of Skiathos Town like a thief evading the police.

I picked up the keys to our jeep from Nick's cafe where Henry had left them and drove back to our apartment. After getting cleaned up, I made a social call on friends of my sister Sally. Lena and her new husband Leigh have a villa on Skiathos and live in New Jersey not far from my sister and her family. We met them two years ago when by some strange coincidence, my sister and her family were on Skiathos at the same time, staying with Leigh and Lena. It turned out that I should have visited them much earlier. They were just packing up the last of their things, turning off the lights and waiting for the taxi to take them to the airport. If I had left it another hour, I would have missed them completely.

In our rushed conversation, Lena asked if by any chance I had been on the back of a motorcycle earlier in the day. (grin) "Yup. That was me!" I explained to Lena the reason I had been seen zipping along the streets of Skiathos on the back of some big Greek man's motorcycle. I'm glad somebody saw me. It was that fun!This photo is for my sisters who have used the word "fabuloso" for years. Now the word is being used by some company to sell Greek floor cleaner.

Do you notice in the above photo that the floor cleaner Ajax is Azax in Greek? There is no "J" in the Greek alphabet and they have to adjust things accordingly.

This particular sign at Dino's Cafe had George in stitches. He wondered if he could get fish and chip there too.

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