Thursday, June 14, 2007

I'm Not the Only One!

I've been up to my oxters with work this week.

I had to drive up to Grangemouth today for some training and a meeting. Woo hoo! I loves me them powerpoint presentations! I looked around the room at one point and noticed all the black and very very very dark blue suits. It looked like a funeral! Note to self: Wear more colours!

On the way up, I was listening to the news on BBC Radio 4 (keeping up with current events you see). It turns out that ASDA, a UK chain of large supermarkets (owned by Walmart - ick) has seen an increase of over 1200% in the sale of clothes pegs from the same time last year! Am I part of a national trend? Have I set the trend? Surely this little blog hasn't set all of the United Kingdom abandoning their tumble driers in favour of the humble clothesline?

Naw, I'm sure that everybody just thought of it all at the same time. Way to go British public!

Now if we can get public transportation sorted so that we're not dependent on cars to live, we'll be rockin!

Naturally I'm going to overlook the fact that we FLY to almost all of our family holidays. I don't know if I'll ever be able to plant enough trees to make up for our family carbon emission sins. Don't even start on the fact that I'm a territory sales rep and drive all day long ON MY OWN. But hey, I try. I turn off lights in empty rooms and turn off televisions that nobody is watching. I recycle all plastic, glass and metal and compost all the kitchen and garden waste. C'mon, surely that's enough.

(I'm suffering from citizen of industrialized nation, middle class, huge ass carbon footprint guilt.)

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