Tuesday, May 29, 2007

You're allowed!

Now that Memorial Day has passed (over here in the UK it was merely a bank holiday with no special significance attached to it) one can safely wear white trousers, skirts and white shoes again. For those creatures who have white paws, they don't have to worry about being unfashionable now until Labour Day.
Myself, I have never followed the rule of no whites or linen before Memorial Day. Who invents this stuff anyway? Another thing, does anybody wear white shoes besides nurses? I may have some white heels in the closet left over from the 80's. I'm saving them in case I get invited to a retro 80's party.

I spent the day in a traditional way, mowing the lawn. Because I am older and wiser, I didn't get the traditional sunburn.

This is Julio. "No photos please!" The paparazzi follow these kittens everywhere and it makes them weary.


Alan G said...

The only white shoes I have are golf shoes but I have always liked men's white shoes. Guess that comes with growing up in the fifties. Searsucker suits and white shoes - yea baby!

Seems Pat Boone was often accused of starting that craze in the fifties. Nowdays tennis shoes is about as close as we men get to white shoes I suppose.

I do remember having a "yellow" liesure suit in the mid-seventies that I wore white shoes with.

susan said...

Your babies are sooooo sweet! Keep up the great paparazzi work.

I don't think anyone follows that old rule anymore. It seems like it was popular back in the Leave it to Beaver times. NOT that I think I have any white shoes...maybe a pair of sandels in the back of my closet...

Claude said...

See, I learnt something new today. Had never heard of that rule!
I can't believe this EtiquetteGrrrls.com site! Amazing.

What cute cats!

Eryn said...

Hooray for kitties!

Xtreme English said...

awwwww....tweet widdle kitties

Paradise Driver said...

In some society circles in NY and New England, the white shoe rule still applies.

Pretty babies.