Saturday, May 26, 2007

Peggy Needs

I have found this excellent way to have fun with Google in Christine's blog. It passes the time and entertains me. You type your first name and the word needs in quotation marks, "Peggy needs" in Google and this is what you get...

At the very top of the pile was Peggy needs a vacation.
Truer words were never spoken!

Peggy needs some good luvn and some new people to hang around with.
Google knew that Fran's flight leaves on Monday.

Peggy needs help selecting some fish.
I wasn't planning on getting any new fish, but if I do I will now seek professional advice.

Peggy needs to stop the killer before the death toll rises!
OK That has me worried.

Peggy needs a home.
Sniff - It breaks my heart.

Peggy needs to chill.
The Man of the Place agrees with this one.

The last thing that Peggy needs is a fella after what she's been through.
Google really cares about me.

Peggy needs your financial support.
Please give generously.

And this last one I'll put in here:

Peggy needs to be doing other stuff than playing with the Google task bar.
OK I'll go get dressed and start my chores.

I invite you to see what pops up in this little exercise.


Jay said...

Oh I am absolutely going to do this one. This looks like fun.

Claude said...

It looked like so much fun that I thought I'd try it, but it doesn't work very well with Claude ;)

Peggy said...

Jay - You had some good ones. The one that said that Jay needs to shut the f*** up was a but harsh though.

Claude- What do you mean? You had one of the best ones! Claude needs to slap a bitch! That was great!

Peggy said...

p.s. Claude needs to come back so that Peter can have invisibility. I defy anybody to top that one!

Bob said...

hey that is cool I like it.

Dogbait said...

The very first one said I needed a nap. I like this!

Doesn't like Dogbait though.

Anonymous said...

"Mary Ellen needs a drink of cold water"...yeah

"Mary Ellen needs a new line of work"
hoo boy, you can say that again!

then this one..."One day at a time, Mary Ellen, right?"


fun...thanks!! xo, ma

Ex-Shammickite said...

When I typed my real name in, all it told me was that I need a shagpiece. What the **** is that?
Oh, and there were some pictures of ginormous albino snails.

Joe said...

I got Joe needs to have an early retirement, Joe needs your help to find his broccoli (!) and Joe needs more sleep. I can't disagree with any of those!

Eryn said...

Ex-shammickite... What is your name?

Eryn needs a new nap routine

Eryn needs a helmet

eryn needs to wear red sally jesse raphael glasses at all times. for the sole purpose of making me laugh.

Xtreme English said...

ex-s....did you type in the quotation marks, too??