Monday, May 14, 2007

New Cleaning Product

I discovered a new cleaning product in the supermarket today. I was in getting normal stuff; cat food, milk, cheese, flour etc. . . . Going through the cleaning products aisle, I saw this new purple stuff. A non-toxic all purpose cleaner that smells of lavender (my favourite!)

Years ago when I was living in Florida and had two little boys that had terrible aim in the bathroom, I used to use bleach to clean everything. I hate bathrooms that smell of wee and with two little piddlers, I was determined not to lose the battle.

One Saturday, I was too strident in my use of the chlorine bleach and I burned the inside lining of my nose with the fumes. Really, don't use that stuff in an enclosed space! After rinsing the bathroom with clear water and opening windows and keeping the extractor fan on, I was able to make the bathroom safe for humans again. Before you ask, I didn't combine chlorine bleach and ammonia. I know about that one. Since then however, I have been very intolerant of the use of bleach as a household cleaner. I can't be in the same room if bleach has been used to clean things. My nose reminds me of the pain long ago.

With this new flowery non-bleach cleaner, my quest for non-toxic cleaning products has been productive. Let's hope it works. It seemed to clean the bathroom sink quite well (soap scum and dried bits of toothpaste). I'm hopeful.

What I'd really like at this very moment is a scented candle. Polly the wonderhund is under the computer desk farting like a trouper. She likes to be in the office with me but her sulphurous guffs make me want to boot her outside.

Because I know you'll ask, this new cleaner is called Method all purpose surface cleaner (French lavender).


Betty said...

I wonder if "Beano" would work as well on dogs as it does on humans for the farting problem.

Peggy said...

There is a anti-fart product available called Beano? How can I get it for The Man of the Place. He's a vegetarian, therefore his entire digestive system is one big compost heap.

susan said...

I'm laughing so hard at the compost heap...boy you are missing out over there...beano works great!

We've had method for a couple years now...all sorts of scents and candles too! I love it!

J-Funk said...

I have a friend that almost had to break up with her man because his farts were so raunchy. She brainstormed with her parents one day, switched him off milk and gave him some beano, and they lived happily ever after.

I love lavender! We use non-toxic cleaners from a company called Melaleuca, which is sort of like Avon in that it's a (sort-of) pyramid thing. But they have a lot of really nice non-toxic stuff and we've become addicted. I've heard of Method - it's been advertised heavily here in the states recently - I'm interested to hear how it works!

Jay said...

You can order Beano from if it's not available over there. It really does work. Both the drops, which you drop directly onto your food (it has no taste) and the tablets that you can take right before eating.

I've never liked the smell of bleach. It makes things smell to hospitial-like. And most scented candles are way to strong too. Very annoying.

Tink said...

I'm with Betty. They need to make a dog version! Duff, my rat terrier, can peel paint of the walls with his stench.

Claude said...

A farting dog! Can't believe this. Have you tried disinfecting him with the Method thingie? ;)
Sorry, I was laughing so much I couldn't resist!

Peggy said...

Susan - Method has only JUST made its appearance here. No ads on TV to announce this, it just showed up.

J-funk - I identify strongly with your friend. Lavender rules!

Jay - It is DEFINATELY not available here. I checked today. BTW, Beano is the name of a childrens' comic in the UK.

Tink - It happens when I give her food out of the tin. Dry dog food doesn't seem to cause this much gas.

Claude - Have you ever owned a dog? They really are very "windy". This one smells like gunpowder or sulfur. Perhaps she is a devil dog.

tiaragirl said...

Hi Peggy, Neil told me about this post..I can sooo relate to the farting dog. Shackers did a real smelly under the computer desk this morning, she needs fart filter pants. Congrats on the high google rating too!