Saturday, May 12, 2007

Everything is Wet

The ground is wet, the houses are wet, the grass, trees and hedges are wet.

It has been raining HARD all day. We've had a few moments of non-rain. I took advantage of those dry moments to take the garbage out. I think that the more waste paper bins one has in a house, the more garbage you will find to put in them. I never had to deal with so much rubbish before. There are only three people living here for heaven's sake!
I cleaned the big aquarium and I fixed the leak in the small aquarium and put a fish that needed some quiet time in the newly repaired and filled tank. The fish that is in isolation had been getting chased and bitten by overeager boy fish. She's looking pretty stressed out. I hope I didn't leave it too late.

I also sent a massive e-mail to everybody in my contacts to say that we are not going to renew our account and to start using my new gmail address.

Here are some images that were taken a very short while ago.
Rosemary in bloom!

Apple blossom!

My dwarf banana that has thrown a new little sprout!


Everybody likes to sleep in front of the fire.


Mortart said...

Boy, can we use some of your rain here in Florida! As you may have read, we have been suffering from a severe drought for months, and water use restrictions are being imposed. I'm about to return to my home in New Jersey, where Mother Nature seems to be kinder.

Dogbait said...

Some more serious rain forecast here for mid week. They say 75% chance of good winter rains too. Things might be looking up.

Claude said...

Here, they are talking about a drought. It's been very windy, some rain but not much.
We had May in April and now I guess we're having April in May ;)

Chameleon said...

The illustrations make me homesick. I adore that picture of the pets chilling out on the rug. The great thing about our furry friends is that no matter how heavy the weight of the world bears down on you, they always take life with a pinch of salt. When life gets to me I just look at my Guinea pigs lazing in their hammocks (yes, there is indeed such a thing, although they were designed to accommodate ferrets), which reminds me of the virtues of clam.

Chameleon said...

As typos do the above "clam" instead of "calm" was not a bad one! I am sure those briny shell-dwellers have their virtues too!

Peggy said...

Mort - It seems that most folks could do with a bit of rain. It was very dry here in April so we're glad of it.

Dogbait - I hope you get loads!

Claude- Drought! I wonder how it will affect the French crops (grapes!).

Chameleon - I love the purring sound that guinea pigs make. Names of the pets? The virtues of clam? (snort)

Jeanette said...

Hi Peggy
Send some rain this way were in Drought and the country on water restrictions...

Xtreme English said...

the rain kachina came to bless our day yesterday, too. we had a real old-fashioned blue crackler of a thunder storm after dinner, and it POURED!! it seems to have cleared the air, though....sun's out!

thanks for the flower photos....lovely

Joy Des Jardins said...

Some places need a little of your rain Peggy. Those flowers are so beautiful. I love that last that's a pretty cushy sweet.

Jay said...

We've been getting our fair share of rain around here too. It's about time too as we have been soooo dry for sooo long.

I love that last pic. I like to lie in front of the fire too.

Sally Lomax said...

That fire looks great!

J-Funk said...

That fire looks perfect for a rainy day! We have rosemary in our front yard too but I only recently finally identified it.

Paradise Driver said...

Beautiful pics.

Love the fireplace one the best.