Friday, May 04, 2007


The bluebells in this part of Scotland are at their peak TODAY. Tomorrow they will be less blue and too many of the blossoms will have fallen. Bluebells will only grow in deciduous forests. You won't find them in pine forests. Carpe diem you fans of the bluebell!

Thankfully it is a gorgeous sunny day and anybody who's paying attention can enjoy them. There are other wildflowers to enjoy as well, but the bluebells are on the main stage today.

These are some photos I have taken the last two days. The photos have been taken from the car, pulled over onto the side of the road. I was hoping to capture the blue misty romance that is evoked when you see a bluebell wood in high bloom, but the camera just hasn't managed to capture it. Perhaps if the day were slightly cloudier, the delicate blue on the floor of these woods would be more intense on the photograph.
This photo is blurred but had good blue colour in it.

I was out to Stranraer and Newton Stewart yesterday to see doctors and pharmacists. Today I was in Castle Douglas, Kirkudbright (pronounced Ker-COO-bree) and Dumfries. I brought the camera along both days as I knew there would be a few spots along my route where there would be lovely bluebells.
I have a tendency to want to kick my work shoes off, and go romp through the woods on days like today. I also pity folks who live in cities.

View from my car window - A75 between Gatehouse of Fleet and Creetown.


J-Funk said...

The top picture looks like a painting from a storybook. How beautiful! Living in the city definitely makes one miss scenes like that. That's why all the city folk jam up the freeways every weekend trying to bust out. Including us!

Kell said...

Your photos are the reasons people in cities long for trips to the country. Just lovely

Peggy said...

Confession time - The first photo isn't mine. It is from the Woodland Trust photo files. I should have put a credit up, but I didn't. I wanted to get the right feeling across.

Tink said...

I'm in love with that first picture. It reminds me of something out the Twisted story. If you don't mind, I might incorporate something like it in the tale. :)

Betty said...

Beautiful photos. I want to go to Scotland when the Bluebells are in bloom.

Claude said...

Gorgeous! That first photo is just magic.
I love bluebells!

Ex-Shammickite said...

Blue bell woods are beautiful. There were a few bluebell woods near my home in UK as a child, but the main spring wild flowers were primroses. Are there any promrose woods in Scotland?

Peggy said...

Tink - Bluebell woods are perfect for fairytales!

Betty - Last week in April or the first week in May for around here.

Claude - It IS pretty, isn't it. I wish that first photo was mine.

Ex-shammickite - I missed the primoses this year. We do have them here and they're lovely too, just before the bluebells.

Jeanette said...

Gday Peggy, Its been a while since my last visit. thought it was time to do a return vist and see some more of Scotland. Your photo's are just beautifull, Ijust loved Scotland when we were there on holiday quiet a few years ago. We stayed in Glasgow with friends and hired a car and was out everyday site seeing with our friends as tour guides.

Jay said...

They're very cool. Are they similar to the bluebonnets that bloom all over Texas every spring? Any relation at all?

Joy Des Jardins said...

I love those Bluebells...and I love their name. You really do have a lovely existence out there in the country Peggy. Waking up to all that around you really is a pleasure.

Xtreme English said...

thanks for sharing the beauty in your Scottish countryside. i love your photos best because they show us what YOU saw and wanted to capture.

xo, ma

Peggy said...

Jeanette - Welcome back. Nice to see you again.

Jay - I don't know if they're the same. I'll look into it.

Joy - I love it here. I wish I had a bit more time to give the surroundings proper attention, but I gotta work.

Xtreme - Thanks Ma. XX