Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Turn On Day

This particular blog entry is about my momma.

When I was 14 months old, the same age I was when I was given a sister, my mother started to lose her hearing. Mom has pointed out, I never really knew her before she lost her hearing. It's just that when one is a small child, you can be quite unconscious about that sort of thing. I don't remember when I became aware of her hearing loss. Perhaps around the age 11 I would have noticed the hearing aids but at this point I can't remember when I became aware that my mother couldn't hear well.

Regular readers will remember that last month my mother had a cochlear implant installed. My mom has documented her journey to date over on her blog. Go have a read if you're curious. She has not only covered any technical questions people might have, she is writing about her own personal experience.

Well, today they turn the thing on!!! We will know if all this fine technology will work. All signs point to it being a success. Ma can hear it when she scratches her head on the right side (the side where they've implanted things) and the implant goes bonkers when she taps on it lightly.

Ma knows that I'd like to be there today but I can't. I have to make myself content with waiting for an e-mail or for her blog to be updated.

Good luck today Mom!!! I love you. XXOO


NurseWhoLvdMe said...

I was just telling Wesley about the implant last night, wondering when it would be turned on. I'm so glad that signs are pointing to success!!

J-Funk said...

I hope it works, and you and your Ma can talk on the phone at long last! This implant sounds pretty neat-o.

Jay said...

*Fingers crossed*

I can't wait to find out either!

Xtreme English said...

and i love you, too, sweetheart. i wish you could have been there today...wish you were here now so we could open a bottle of the famous grouse and laugh about all these weird sounds i'm hearing. the implant heralds every recognizable sound with a wee trumpet blast. it's really verra entertaining.