Monday, April 09, 2007

Too Cute to Ignore

This is The Man of the Place watching his team go to the top of the league with a goal in the last few minutes of the game.

You can see how tense he is as there are a few minutes of injury time left. Anything could happen.

He is trying not to shout too loudly or bounce about because he has a kitten asleep on each shoulder.


NurseWhoLvdMe said...

That is the most adorable picture ever! I don't know what is cuter, the fluffy little kittens or the obvious concern of the M.O.T.H.

Patsy Ann said...

Oh! What a wonderful picture! Hopefully nothing to exciting happened to upset the peaceful nap of the little kitties.

Ex-Shammickite said...

I absolutely adore little kitties, the problem is they grow up into cats!! This is a great pic! Have the kitties got names?
And changing the subject.... did Miles Davis reappear yet, now that the duties of the Easter Bunny have been fulfilled?
I sure hope you don't find tufts of black velvety fur blowing in the wind......

Kell said...

Awwwww, is right! That is so cute and the kitties are so adorable.

Poor Miles.

Anonymous said...

They are SO cute!


Jay said...

Oh no! Trying to watch the end of the mgame with sleeping kittens! That's gotta be tough to do.

J-Funk said...

That is a priceless picture! Those kitties are so darling. I think you should name them Grizzly (for the boy) and T. Rex (for the girl). You can call the girl Tiny T, and if she grows up to be big, you can call her Big T (or Rex).

Peggy said...

nursewholvdme - The Man of the Place didn't even care that I was taking his photo. THAT is how immursed he was!

patsy ann - The kittens stayed peacefully asleep.

ex-shammickite - No Miles Davis yet. Thanks for asking.

kell - poor Miles indeed. I feel so sad about him.

Helen - Henry or the cats? ;-)

jay - The Man of the Place managed it. He was in heaven. Sunderland won the game putting them top of the league and automatic promotion spot AND he had new kittens. He's a cat person.

j-funk - I'll put those names forward to the naming panel. Thanks for your suggestions.

Tink said...


Anonymous said...

I can't believe nobody suggested Charles and Diana/Camilla.

xo, maho

Claude said...

What an adorable picture! Great catch